> $ 700000

Marketing Sourced Revenue

4 x

Increase in Organic Search Traffic

4 x

Increase in Targeted Referring Domains

The Challenge


Lake One partnered with NeoPath Health to grow revenue by building an inbound lead generating and qualifying machine and providing scale to limited sales resources using the HubSpot CRM Platform.


NeoPath Health is a provider of onsite health clinics for organizations. NeoPath designs and builds clinics for employers and staffs them with highly-skilled medical professionals that employees can access for primary care.

Capture demand, qualify leads and scale limited sales resources

NeoPath Health sells to a very specific market: mid-market employers with a budget and appetite for building onsite or near-site primary care clinics. Employers may or may not be actively seeking an onsite clinic, but certainly looking for creative solutions to healthcare challenges. Additionally, NeoPath’s sales team was small and couldn’t afford to spend time on developing top-of-funnel opportunities, primarily focusing on broker relationships that provided ready-to-close opportunities. With anemic inbound traffic and demand, NeoPath needed a partner to:

Develop inbound strategy to grow qualified traffic to site.

Develop a content and conversion plan to educate and nurture prospects during long sales cycle.

Implement sales and marketing technology to qualify and deliver sales-ready leads to maximize limited sales resources.

“Lake One is a partner, not a vendor. If you’re looking to check a box just to say I’ve done SEO, Lake One isn’t for you. They work hard and will help you figure out the right way to do something. If you want to do something really great with your sales and marketing, go to Lake One. ”

  • Joe McErlane
  • Joe McErlance CEO, NeoPath Health

The Solution

Multipronged inbound strategy and build an automated lead qualifying machine

With sales cycles that could stretch into years, and limited sales resources to maintain outreach and lead activity, Lake One recommended the HubSpot CRM Platform as the centerpiece of the growth solution. Specifically, Marketing Hub and Sales Hub were deployed scaling lead generation, nurturing, qualification, hand-off to sales, and enablement of efficiencies in the sales process.

1. Document a strategy to reach executive buyers

Lake One began by developing an in-depth strategy to reach and engage executive buyers who are looking at solutions to engage their employees in healthcare. Our planning included:

  • Personal Development and Interviews
  • Keyword Research and Content Trends
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital PR Strategy
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Existing Website Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Buyers’ Journey Mapping and Conversion Planning

2. Build a lead machine and adjust course when needed

Lake One then engaged in orchestrated monthly execution against the plan using the HubSpot Marketing Hub including:

  • Blogging
  • Long-form content and lead generation
  • Social Media
  • Paid Media (search and social)
  • Conversion paths (call to action, landing page, thank you pages)
  • Email
  • Digital PR outreach and media monitoring
  • Nurture sequences and workflows

3. Provide scale to NeoPath’s Sales Team

Lake One worked with NeoPath leadership and sales to align sales and marketing to utilize HubSpot to nurture leads, qualify leads and hand them off to sales when they were sales-ready, becoming another high-quality source of opportunities for NeoPath’s limited sales resources to work in driving revenue. Lake One supported the sales and marketing alignment by:

  • Helping NeoPath come to an agreement on lifecycle definitions and automating the application of those stages. 
  • Combining a robust content library with progressive profiling to successfully qualify contacts over a long sales cycle by asking for additional details about the contact, company and opportunity.
  • Leveraging workflows to drive notifications and tasks to simplify the view sales had when in HubSpot.
  • Developing sequences for sales to quickly follow up at various stages post-marketing hand-off.


Multipronged inbound strategy and build an automated lead qualifying machine

The Results

Marketing sourced revenue and pipeline on autopilot

NeoPath immediately saw its traffic begins to grow. Despite a sales cycle sometimes lasting multiple years, NeoPath has seen a positive return on marketing investment, closing marketing sourced revenue, and working a pipeline full of marketing qualified opportunities. Now, its sales team can easily stay on top of these opportunities for the long haul while more get qualified and added to the pipeline on autopilot.

Measured results include:

  • Generated more than $700,000 in marketing sourced revenue
  • Quadrupled, highly targeted, niche organic search traffic
  • Digital PR secured dozens of industry media placements