Bring six sigma thinking to sales, marketing, and support. Outpace competitors with rich client data and insights. Empower your team to spend their time on their highest and best use, not manual EBITDA sucking processes.


Create alignment across your revenue team. Remove friction from your customer journey. Find repeatable and scalable paths to customer acquisition and increasing lifetime value.

Professional Services

Build stronger client relationships. Streamline processes. Identify new business opportunities with rich client data and insights. Customized solutions to the unique nature of your business.

MedTech & Healthcare

Generate pipeline, accelerate sales and create better customer experiences across the healthcare buying cycle across the healthcare ecosystem from provider to payer.

Startups & Venture

Plan and implement strategies and tools that scale as your startup grows. Despite the pressures, the late nights and all of the hat-wearing, you’re driven to succeed. You need a partner as driven as you are.

Joe McErlane

Joe McErlane

Founder & CEO, Neopath Health

Lake One is a partner, not a vendor. If you’re looking to check a box just to say ‘I’ve done SEO’, Lake One isn’t for you. They work hard and will help you figure out the right way to do something. If you want to do something really great with your sales and marketing, go to Lake One.

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