Working With Lake One

We know transforming and aligning your revenue teams can be overwhelming because it requires big, structural changes to your organization. Getting to your desired end destination means everyone in your boat is paddling in the same direction, so our approach focuses on ensuring every team member involved in your growth strategy is rowing towards the same goal.

We make big change possible in simple, yet strategic strokes, using a structured and collaborative approach to problem-solving. We get to know your business, envision its future, and make the journey to that future possible by supporting everyday decisions and actions that generate lasting impact.


When you work with Lake One, you get more than a cheerleader shouting encouragement from the shoreline. You gain a partner who works alongside you to chart new courses and then grabs an oar to help you row in the direction you’d like to grow.

We believe in personalization over prescription, so we’ll never recommend a strategy, technology or tactic without your business and its unique purpose and goals in mind. You’ll gain access to our depth of expertise in aligning sales, marketing and customer experience for business growth, around a smart set of tools designed to help not hinder.

Our strategic framework is tried, tested, and proven to work for companies with complex buying cycles, particularly in the territories of Technology, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.



A virtual, remote team from day one – Lake One outfitters work from all over the world and come from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our diversity is our strength and our passion for problem solving is what unites us.

Progress isn’t made by treading water, so Lake One supplies the tools and resources required for our team members to work with cutting-edge technologies, blaze new trails daily, and work side by side with visionary clients who are in the midst of navigating their growth journeys.


  • Competitive compensation & incentives
  • Robust benefits including 401k, health, short & long term disability, life insurance, charitable match
  • Generous personal time & company holidays
  • Work from home setup in an Apple OS environment
  • Ample learning & development opportunities
  • Remote, family friendly, flexible work environment

Pull up a stump, the fire is warm


We know changing course can be difficult, but we’re firm believers that the most significant growth journeys can be made from the culmination of small, yet strategic strokes.

We do what we do because we believe transformation can drive a significant business impact — giving companies the resources needed to be a force for change, leaving the world a little better than before. We partner with companies committed to positively affecting people, their communities, and the planet.

We live by this philosophy, too, and strive to use our resources for positive change.

Learn more about our HubSpot for Non Profits  service offering.

Our Charitable Partner

Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear Foundation helps kids with cancer and their families by supporting their basic needs and developing unique family programs. Lake One provides Pinky Swear Foundation with marketing consulting and services to expand its reach and impact. The nonprofit was founded more than a decade ago on the pinky-swear promise between a child and parent. The small part we play in keeping that promise alive is humbling.

Lake One Origins

What the heck is with our name? We’re based in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. Well… over 11,800 lakes if you want to get technical (which we love doing). If you take the Fernberg Trail from Ely in northern Minnesota, the trail ends, poetically, at a lake called Lake One.

This lake holds a special place in our founder’s heart. As an entry point into the greater Boundary Waters, Lake One represents a starting point on the map for a more engaging and meaningful journey. While the journey itself can, at times, be challenging, it’s always deeply rewarding to navigate change with clients throughout their transformations.

The Lake One Arrowhead

Arrowheads have a special meaning here in the land of 10,000 lakes. We lovingly call the north east corner of our state (and home to our namesake) the arrowhead region of Minnesota. Many summer days of our childhoods could be spent finding the relics of the past in fields and forests.

The arrowhead was responsible for making sure the arrow created impact. We adopt the likeness of the arrowhead to reflect our endeavors to make impact for our clients on their digital transformation journeys.

One Logo

NGLCC Certified Business

Lake One is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise™ through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The NGLCC is the largest advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancement for LGBT people and the exclusive certifying body for LGBT-owned businesses. Diversity of all forms is critical to us, and this certification helps recognize that value.


Awards & Accolades

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with forward-thinking clients looking to leverage cutting-edge technology in pursuit of reducing friction from their business. This powerful combination creates a unique atmosphere to blaze new trails. We're immensely grateful for our clients and partners with whom these honors and recognitions would not be possible. 

REcent Highlights:

  • 2023 Inc. Magazine B2B Power Partner
    Category: CRM & Salesforce Automation
  • 2023 Google Premier Partner
  • 2023 Clutch Top Global Vendor: CRM Consulting, HubSpot Consultant, Marketing Automation
  • 2021 Silver Davey Award: B2B Marketing
  • 2021 Silver Davey Award: Integrated Marketing
  • 2021 Twin Cities Business Notable Executive: Ryan Ruud

Grab a paddle, let’s go