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new accounts

76000 +

impressions in 6 months

11- 15 %

click-through rate

Discover how Lake One helped specialty chemical manufacturer Polywater break into new markets and gain tightly-held market share — including 20 new accounts — with a strategic paid ads campaign


“Lake One provides the strategy and the guidance for the entire ads campaign — from ad copy to the landing page content to winning bids so that our ads get shown. Our click-through rates are consistently high, and we’re getting new clients and penetrating new markets. We feel the campaign has been really successful."


Meryl Steinhauser, Product Manager, Polywater

The Challenge

When Polywater’s Product Manager Meryl Steinhauser reached out to Lake One Digital, she was in a bit of a conundrum.

Unlike other mechanical sealant manufacturers who had limited availability of a particular sealant that construction and plumbing professionals needed on short notice, Polywater had good stock and could ship right away.

The only issue was that it was sold from their sister company Polywater Hauff-Technik — which few people knew existed — and went by the name PGKD — which no one knew to search for.

Meryl knew they needed to get the word out fast and use the situation to build brand recognition for Polywater Hauff-Technik, increase product awareness of PGKD, and capture some of the market share from their biggest competitor.

Polywater had been working with Lake One for years and asked their account manager to help them organize a paid media campaign.

The Solution

Lake One then designed Google search and display ads for a variety of in-market audiences that drove them to a landing page where they could learn more about PGKD and how to install it, as well as request a quote. 

Meryl said she loved how thorough and intentional Lake One was with crafting and testing the ads and creating the landing page.

“Our campaign manager created four different ads to see which one would be the most engaging and get the most click-throughs. Lake One also worked closely with us to make sure we had the best copy and call-to-actions on our landing page.”

When the campaign launched in September 2022, it didn’t take long for some impressive results to roll in, including search ad click-through rates between 7-9% (compared to the industry average of 2.6%), and the cost-per-clicks less than industry averages as well.

“What I thought was really impressive was that despite how much we’re all bombarded by ads, Lake One created text that got through the noise,” Meryl said. “People were clicking on the ad and spending time on our landing page.” 


After several months of tracking Polywater’s ad performance and optimizing their Google ads bid strategy, Lake One continued to tweak the ad and landing page content, including adding a calculator so prospective customers could figure out how much PKGD they needed for their job.

Meryl appreciated the initiative Lake One took to continue improving on their already great results, and provide as much clarity as possible about what makes PGKD unique.

“Most people think that all products like ours are the same, but the landing page highlighted what differentiates us. It also allowed people to identify product configuration they needed, and easily contact us to put in an order.”

The Results

With the additional landing page features and optimized copy in place, the campaign was re-launched in March 2023 and has produced even more impressive results.

“In the first six months we had over 76,000 impressions and just under 9,000 clicks, which is an 11-12% click-through rate,” Meryl said. “In August, we had a 15% click-through rate, which is completely amazing. 

“The campaign has produced engagement and sales. We’ve brought in 49 new contacts and gained 20 new client accounts, and the exciting part is that these clients are in new markets for us like gas and water, which are the markets our Polywater Hauff-Tecknik products are designed to serve. 

“It shows there is a real need out there for mechanical sealant, and that the ad and landing page are doing their job because after all these months our click-through rates are still very high.”

Meryl said the campaign’s ongoing success has also reaffirmed the value Polywater continues to gain from partnering with Lake One.

“Lake One is an incredible resource and we could not have this same kind of success on our own. All I need to do is tell them what I want to achieve and provide the access and our budget, and then they design the strategy and create everything we need.

“But even more valuable than their experience, is the way they really care about our success. I know that whatever they advise us to do is truly in our best interest. They’ve been a great partner for us and I have always appreciated their expertise and their guidance.”




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