HubSpot Outfitting

Way too many CRM implementations fail. Depending on who you ask, anywhere from 18% to 90% of the time company executives say their new CRM isn't helping their business grow. 

That stinks and we're changing that. 

HubSpot Implementation

Get outfitted with HubSpot from a team of HubSpot experts. We dig deep to understand your business, processes, goals, and technology then align our team and yours around documented requirements before we begin implementation and customization. 

Finally we train your team and provide a growth map and support to help ensure a smooth transition on to, adoption of, and iteration to your HubSpot portal.


Average Price: $8,500

*Multihub Discounts


Replatforming and Migration

Time to update your revenue stack? Sick of terrible support? Over waiting for features that have been around for years? 

No sweat, we can help you migrate your current data and replatform your campaigns to HubSpot, often in less time than you're probably thinking. 


Average Price: $8,000


Technical Consulting & Integration

Looking for some help extending your HubSpot platform? Maybe integrating with another system that doesn't have a native connection to HubSpot. Or maybe you need some technical help with workflows. 

Our solution architects are here to help. Let's nerd out together!


Average Price: $15,000


HubSpot as a Service

 All Plans require a Field Guide Kickoff. One time $10,000 fee.
Includes a 90 minute discovery, HubSpot Audit & Roadmap (for existing portals), and data driven inbound plan for your ideal buyers from competitor research, and keyword & content research.



$5000/ month

For organizations looking for fractional HubSpot Admin support

  • Shared Slack Channel
  • Shared Project Management
  • Monthly Meetings

    Up to 1

  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Monthly Hands on HubSpot Support

    25 hours

  • Number of team members with client portal access




$7000/ month

For Organizations looking for a more strategic, hands on engagement. 

  • Shared Slack Channel

    24 hour SLA

  • Shared Project Management
  • Monthly Meetings

    Up to 2

  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Monthly Hands on HubSpot Support

    35 hours

  • Number of team members with client portal access

    up to 4



$10000/ month

For enterprise and high growth startups needed hand on HubSpot and strategic revops engagement.

  • Shared Slack Channel

    Same business day SLA

  • Shared Project Management
  • Monthly Meetings

    Up to 4

  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Monthly Hands on HubSpot Support

    45 hours

  • Number of team members with client portal access

    up to 10

Optional Add ons

HubSpot ABM

Manage ABM Campaigns on Rollworks, Linkedin and email sequences.

HubSpot Inbound

Manage SEO and PPC

marc parker

Marc Parker

Vice President, Playground Boss

“Expert Help for HubSpot Implementation. Partnering with Lake One was one of the best decisions we could’ve made for our company!”


Jessica Parkhurst

VP Marketing, Acentria Insurance

“Amazing HubSpot Partner. We struggled with onboarding onto HubSpot. Once we partnered with the Lake One team, there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. ”


Annesha Ganguly

Marketing, Tifin Wealth

“LakeOne has been a great partner to work with ... especially the set up of our HubSpot account. Would highly recommend them for any HubSpot related support!”


Ashleigh Craven

CMO, Pocketnest

“I cannot sing team Lake One's praises enough! Each team member is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and darn-right fun to work with. I hang up from our weekly calls feeling so relieved and re-energized. PS - I never knew the Hubspot accreditation was SUCH a game-changer. They make my life so. much. easier. 👍👍 Two thumbs WAY up for Lake One!”


Robert Weber

Manging Parnter, Great North Ventures

“There are very few service providers across any category I would publicly endorse, but Lake One has proven time and again to be a great partner for startups in our portfolio which have used Lake One to strengthen their marketing efforts.”


Rosie Pongranz

CMO, Storj

“I'm impressed with their team's great range of talent to apply to our various projects on demand.”


Erik Freyser

President, Polywater

“Lake One brings experience at the crossroads of technology and marketing that helps us stay at the top of our game in marketing techniques and thinking. We leverage their insights, expertise, and training to continuously improve our business processes.”


Josh Anish

Marketing Director, AutoFi

“ Hiring Lake One Digital to handle the migration was well worth it. They are HubSpot experts who made the entire process seamless and had us up and running within two weeks.”


Erika Dalager


“very easy to work with and helped with two very large cleanup projects within two HubSpot instances. We had a complex situation they were extremely detailed in managing and assisting with in other areas of need. I would and will be working with Lake One again in the future.”

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Lisa Hannum

CEO, Beehive Strategic Communication

“Lake One has been an embedded partner with Beehive for more than two years and the results have exceeded our expectations. Ryan and his team led us through a CRM migration, and sat shoulder to shoulder with us to develop and activate a fully aligned "smarketing" funnel. They've built systems and processes that support our team to implement, measure and achieve our marketing, sales and business goals.”

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