Get Social with Your SaaS: 7 B2B Social Media Examples

Marketing for SaaS and the products themselves are not simple things. Given the complexity of the industry, social media and the “entertainment” often associated with it, it might not seem like a priority, but it should be. Below we’ve compiled 7 B2B SaaS social media examples and why they work. Social media for SaaS is a great tool to use to: 

  • Drive traffic to your website 
  • Create brand awareness
  • Display product demo and update videos 
  • Offer tips in simple formats 
  • Share quotes, case studies and shoutouts 
  • Showcase your culture and recruit employees 
  • Share quality content that provides value to your customers 

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Product Demo and Update Videos 

As a SaaS company, your biggest feature is your product. So why not showcase that product where your customers are hanging out… on social media. Not only can you showcase your products effectively, but you have the added bonus of being able to utilize video. Video has a number of benefits on social media and your marketing efforts in general. According to our friends at HubSpot, posting a video to social media can gain you 48% more views. Those views usually translate to likes- when you’re publishing relevant content

In this example, Harvest created a quick video that captured their product updates perfectly and then promoted on LinkedIn. They could have drafted a couple of paragraphs on the updates instead, but a video simplified the concept and delivered the intent of the message accurately and in an engaging way. 

Offer Tips in Simple Formats 

Social media is also a place where you can be a thought leader or provide help to your readers. Offer tips, advice, and hacks that speak to your expertise and make things easier for your audience. What can you provide your users that will help them utilize your tools better? Offer tips to help them think outside of the box with your software and the basic functions.

In this example from Zapier, they offer a simple, everyday way to use their integrations. Zapier provides a solution that allows you to integrate systems where there isn’t an existing API already. These “Zaps” or connections are often used to automate larger business processes and data pushes. That’s why this social example stands out – it shows a creative way to use the tool beyond the larger processes people gravitate towards Zapier for. These small things build credibility and can make your tool more valuable. Even basic tips will accomplish a similar goal. 

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Sharing Quotes, Case Studies, and Shoutouts

Another idea for social media for SaaS is to humblebrag a bit. This is a fantastic place to showcase positive reviews of your company, share case studies and client successes or testimonials, and give shoutouts whenever possible. After all, it’s your social channel- it’s already about you and should reflect who you are as a company. People are visiting and following to learn more about you.  

They call it humble bragging for a reason, because you can share your accomplishments humbly. Take this tweet from Databox, for example. They share a quote from a client and share a link to a post about how they use Databox to build SEO reports. 

Weekly Themed Posts 

Remember how we said social media a great way to showcase your culture and what you’re all about? This can easily be accomplished on social media. Whether it’s challenges, theme posts, sharing pictures from the company picnic or giving a shoutout the employee of the month. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Highspot’s LinkedIn post is a great example of this with their “Win the Week” themed posts that we see here. It not only provides helpful tips for readers, but it gives people a chance to see Highspot’s personality and create engagement in a different way than just a blog post or even a video. 

Keep it Fun

We know SaaS is serious business, but that doesn’t mean all of your content and social posts have to be. That’s why it’s no surprise that our partners at Vidyard made the list of social media for SaaS examples. This “Where’s Waldo” style Instagram post is a great example of keeping it fun and yet another opportunity to show your companies personality.

Note: View at your own risk, you can’t help but try and find their V-bot!

Ask Engaging Questions and Then Respond

Who doesn’t like being asked their opinion or for their advice? This is a great way to engage your audience by involving them in your social posts. But remember, if you’re going to engage and ask questions, be prepared to respond. Either compliment them on the advice they give, thank them for their input, and/or tell them how you applied their answer.

In this example, SEMRush solicits their reader’s opinions. Throughout the feed you see them responding to or “liking” people’s responses. They also post an overall thank you message for all the responses. 

Share Your Content 

Last, but not least, this LinkedIn post from Adobe. Here we see an example of Adobe promoting a recent blog post and driving people to their website. While your social media efforts can and should incorporate a number of the examples from above, we can’t forget what a great tool this is to share original content and increase traffic to your site. You can promote and share blogs, articles, press releases, and much more. We don’t suggest sharing only your content all the time though. Be sure to mix in thought leadership pieces and some of the examples listed above. 

These are just a few examples of how you can use social media for SaaS. Regardless of how you use it, they are channels that shouldn’t be ignored. And while it’s meant to help serve your overall business goals, don’t forget to have a little fun with it every once and awhile.

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