Lake One’s Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment

What is sales and marketing alignment?

Alignment is a state of agreement or cooperation, integration, or harmonization of aims and practices within a group. Apply that to Sales & Marketing and the first thing you’ll notice is they should be one group instead of viewed as separate entities as they are within most organizations.

Over the past few years, a new word or movement, smarketing, has been coined to help companies speak about their sales & marketing teams and efforts as one, singular unit working towards a complete vision. Simply put sales and marketing alignment is the process by which sales and marketing teams come together to develop aligned processes across both functions, designed to collectively better achieve business objectives. It covers things like definitions of marketing and sales roles, responsibilities to each other, reporting expectations and feedback processes.

We’ll explore sales and marketing alignment in the latest Lake One guide including topics like why this should be a key priority, key elements to aligning teams, delivering a sales and marketing meeting, measuring sales and marketing alignment and more. 

sales and marketing alignment guide

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