Manufacturing CRM Implementation and Digital Marketing

People are waiting for your goods.  We can help you get it there faster. Book a discovery call to learn how.


Outpace Competitors

We help our manufacturing and industrial partners leverage rich client insights to deliver the right message at the right time to a complex ecosystem of buyers and influencers at scale. Together, we’ll unlock and deploy your internal thought leadership and expertise to create and capture demand for a growing digital-first buyer.


Boost Profitability

We help apply six sigma thinking to the work off the manufacturing floor.  We’ll help Identify inefficient processes, map out a plan to simplify and implement automation, reducing errors, speeding time to cash and enabling your human capital to focus on their highest and best use directly impacting your bottom line.


Amplify Upsell/Cross Sell

Up-cross sell your current customer or distribution base on new products or SKUs with ease using segmented lists, trigger-based emails, and our seamless CRM integrations.

Events & Resources

Firing Up Manufacturing Sales & Marketing With Video [On-Demand]

Discover the insights into how leading-edge manufacturers can leverage video to grow market share, drive sales, and engage new audiences.

You’ll hear from manufacturers, videographers, and sales leaders about what works, what doesn’t, and how to get started – fast.

Mastering Manufacturing Trade Shows [On-Demand]

In today’s competitive landscape, making the most out of your trade show participation is crucial. Learn from industry leaders and seasoned professionals who have cracked the code to success. We’ll show you how to stand out in the crowd, forge valuable connections, and achieve remarkable results – all while optimizing your resources.

HubSpot for Manufacturers: Office Hours [On-Demand]

In this webinar, we’ve joined forces with manufacturing and CRM experts to deliver a well-rounded and insightful discussion. Our mission is to address FAQs about harnessing the full potential of HubSpot in the dynamic manufacturing landscape.

Polywater Increases Sales Activity 28% and Reduces Manual Data Entry with HubSpot CRM

What to Expect When Working with Lake One

Lake One partnered with Polywater®, a global manufacturer, to implement HubSpot, automating and simplifying the manufacturer’s complex and manual sales processes.

Meryl Steinhauser, Product Manager at Polywater shares what it’s been like working with the outfitters at Lake One.

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