Living our mission: Make Time to Vote

Core to our mission at Lake One, is a deep belief that business can both pursue profit and make an impact in the world.

We’re blessed to operate in a country full of liberties and opportunities. A country working for more then two centuries on it’s bold experiment – ever striving for a more perfect union.

This bold experiment only works when we all execute our most basic civic duty – we vote.

Living our mission

We’re joining with businesses across the country and here in Minnesota to Make Time To Vote.

Lake One will be closed for business on election day. It will be a paid company holiday for our team allowing them the flexibility to participate in our democracy to the fullest extent they choose.

We appreciate your support as we live out our mission.

The Time to Vote campaign is a non-partisan campaign by businesses to make sure all employees have the time to vote.

How you can participate

Sites like ElectionDay offer a variety of ways employers can support their employees ability to vote in non-partisan ways including

  • Work from home day – reducing commute time to allow employees to get to the polls
  • Shortened office hours – shortening the work day allows employees extra time in their day to get to the polls
  • And more