Join us in Pinky Swear’s Season of YES

Embedded in our mission is the belief that business can … and must serve more than just the pursuit of profit. We’re all here to make our mark on the world and hopefully leave it a little better as we pass through.

Throughout the year we donate a portion of our time to our charitable partner, Pinky Swear Foundation, helping them in their pursuit of providing financial support to families affected by childhood cancer.

When a family gets a diagnosis of pediatric cancer, their life is turned upside down. The financial burden put on families is tremendous. Often, parents are forced to take leaves from their jobs to care for a sick child. Leaving them in a situation where they wonder how they will pay for things like mortgages, utilities, and even gas to get to appointments as medical bills mount.

This year, Pinky Swear is launching a holiday campaign called the Season of Yes.

Pinky Swear Foundation Season of Yes

Each month, Pinky Swear receives an average of $85,000 in requests from families with kids with cancer, who are depending on them for financial assistance. While they work hard to distribute the funds to those who most need it most, sadly, they never have enough to help all families. And each year, another 15,000 children from across the country will be diagnosed with cancer.  During the Season of Yes, Pinky Swear hopes to raise the $85,000 so they can say YES to more families.

Announcing a Match Challenge

To help Pinky Swear Reach their goal, Lake One has committed to donate $10 for every Facebook Fundraiser that is started and raised $50 or more, no through December 11 (National Pinky Swear Day). To sweeten the deal, we’ll also match funds raised. Our total match will contribute up to $2,500. Starting a Facebook Fundraiser takes about a minute and is one of the easiest ways you can help Pinky Swear say Yes to more families and also spread awareness of the important work this organization does.

A word from our founder

Why the special match challenge? As some of you may know, our founder, Ryan Ruud, is a childhood cancer survivor. As we head into 2018, it’s a special year for him. Here he is to tell you more about the match challenge and the Pinky Swear mission.