HubSpot for Healthcare: Raising the Bar in Sensitive Data Handling

HubSpot for Healthcare: Raising the Bar in Sensitive Data Handling

Healthcare providers looking for a secure and efficient customer management tool might find HubSpot for Healthcare useful. It is a robust CRM that now supports HIPAA compliance and includes advanced tools for managing sensitive data.

Unified Customer Records for Growth

HubSpot’s update is designed to fuel your growth while keeping your patient's data secure. With this CRM, you can securely use sensitive data to gain a holistic understanding of your patients. Whether you're breaking down audiences for targeted marketing campaigns, spotting patients for upsell opportunities, or crafting personalized post-sale services, HubSpot for Healthcare lends you the much-needed muscle.

By storing confidential customer data in HubSpot’s Smart CRM, companies across regulated industries can now take full advantage of HubSpot’s customer platform to power their go-to-market strategy. 


Marketers can:

Improve lead generation by collecting sensitive data where customers have consented to its use for marketing purposes (such as website forms or when ordering a product).

Safely segment audiences, send targeted marketing campaigns, and power marketing automation without cobbling together workarounds to properly handle protected data.

Sales reps can:

Personalize prospecting with a complete view of prospects to create more relevant connections and build more pipeline.

Automate deal management processes that require customers to provide sensitive data in forms (such as loan applications).

Service teams can:

Create a single customer record for help desk reps by securely storing sensitive data required for delivering tailored service (such as booking and modifying travel itineraries).


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Your Partner in HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare marketing automation can be a regulatory maze, with data privacy taking center stage. But with HubSpot’s sensitive data software, you can maneuver this terrain with unwavering compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA (now in public beta). Your obligation to protect personal information (PI) and personally identifiable information (PII) is made easier with built-in features like comprehensive audit logging and business associate agreements (BAA).

Secure Your Data Against Breaches

Patient data security is of paramount importance in healthcare marketing automation. HubSpot for Healthcare ensures your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Equipped with additional layers of platform encryption, advanced authentication features, and inactive session timeouts, your confidential customer data is kept under lock and key. Add to this the proactive security recommendations, and you have a robust shield against potential breaches.

Discover more about how HubSpot for Healthcare can help grow your healthcare business while safeguarding sensitive data. We invite you to explore our new features and unveil the wealth of opportunities HubSpot has in store for you.