4 Signs Your Construction Company Needs a Marketing Strategy

When it comes to construction, it can be easy to fall into the “when people need us, they’ll find us” mentality. Whether you sell your services direct to consumer or B2B as a subcontractor or direct to commercial project managers, there are a few sure-fire signs it might be time to revisit your construction marketing strategy and to invest in building a modern marketing strategy for your construction company.

4 signs your construction company

It’s feast or famine when RFPs come

If the flow of RFP requests feels a little too boom and bust for your tastes, building a marketing plan can help you flatten out the peaks and valleys. Building a more stable, steady and scalable flow of business opportunity will help with employee retention as well.


If your marketing strategy thinks about the needs of your buyer before they pick up the phone, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.  CLICK TO TWEET.

Tapping into inbound marketing can help your construction company build a pipeline of prospective clients that marketing can work on nurturing and getting sales-ready.

When you Google yourself – nothing happens

Virtually every need we have  – starts with an internet search of some sort. Have a weird symptom, Google it. Wondering about the last minute gift idea for someone – Google it. This applies in the construction world too.

If you Google your company name and nothing comes up – you definitely need to think about mapping out a marketing strategy, particularly to tackle local search opportunities through Google and Yelp listings.

But if you’re looking fill up that pipeline like we just talked about. Google a symptom someone might have that would lead them to hire a construction company – maybe they need to do a kitchen remodel. What kind of question would they have? Google it and see what shows up on the first page.

These kind of searches are also important to your construction company and your new, modern marketing strategy too.

You’re not really sure how many leads you get from your website

A modern marketing plan should be measurable. If you’re not really sure how many leads you got from your website last year – it’s probably time to think about a marketing strategy – and an update to that website.


A modern marketing strategy should seek steady improvement month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year. But if you’re not able to give a benchmark – don’t fret. Make sure you have a website with landing pages built to convert, then make sure you have a way to measure the views and conversions you’re getting. It could be as simple as a spreadsheet to start. Pull views out of Google Analytics, check how many submissions you received and then check in with sales and talk through the quality of the leads.

It’s not clear from your website why clients should pick you over the competition

Why do you get up every morning? What inspires you to go to work. Why does your construction company exist? These questions are a few that author Simon Sinek poses as he helps people and brand get to their Why – the Why do we exist. Every brand has a why. The why is what makes us buy from one company versus another. If it’s not clear on your website why someone should work with your company – it might be worth revisiting your marketing strategy starting with brand and starting with why you’re all there in the first place.

Last word

There can be many reasons you might be thinking about building a modern marketing strategy for your construction company. These are just a few of the highlights. No matter your reason – modern, scalable marketing is intended to help your construction firm weather the ups and downs of the industry by building a pipeline.

What reasons do you have for building a marketing strategy? Leave us a reply or contact us if you’d like to talk about getting started on your plan. 


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