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Healthcare and Med Tech CRM Implementation, Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing

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Reach hard to reach medical decision makers

 Understand and put to action the content, influencers and channels informing your clinicians, administrators, and students through their research and buying journey.


Scale without more complexity

We help apply six sigma thinking to the work off the manufacturing floor.  We’ll help Identify inefficient processes, map out a plan to simplify and implement automation, reducing errors, speeding time to cash and enabling your human capital to focus on their highest and best use directly impacting your bottom line.


Real time business insights

Gain access to real time business intelligence into what’s creating impact from marketing, sales and service.

Neopath Health adds $700k in Marketing Sourced Revenue with Inbound Marketing

What to Expect When Working with Lake One

Lake One partnered with Polywater®, a global manufacturer, to implement HubSpot, automating and simplifying the manufacturer’s complex and manual sales processes.

Meryl Steinhauser, Product Manager at Polywater shares what it’s been like working with the outfitters at Lake One.

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